/ Farming Pools
Earn Time & BUSD by providing liquidity on MoneyTime.Finance Farming pool!

$MONEY Farming Pools - earn $TIME

Provide liquidity to earn $TIME + BUSD :
$MONEY - BNB (60X Multiplier) $MONEY - BUSD (50X Multiplier)
Withdraw Fee : 1.99% on LP token to be burned & locked forever.
If you withdraw LP from this pool, 1.99% of the LP token are burn immediately and liquidity locked forever.

Non Native Farming Pools - earn $TIME

Fees: 3.99% Deposit fee on LP token BNB - BUSD (10X Multiplier) BTCB - BNB (5X Multiplier) ETH - BNB (5X Multiplier) DOT - BNB (5X Multiplier) CAKE - BNB (5X Multiplier) USDT - BUSD (4X Multiplier) USDC - BUSD (4X Multiplier) DAI - BUSD (4X Multiplier)
Partner pool:
  • GLTO - BNB (1X Multiplier)
  • Farming Pools Withdraw fee - $MONEY Pools
1.99% Withdraw fee LP token is burned and the liquidity is locked forever
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